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Project Junkfighter part 2


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Project Junkfighter part 2 Empty Project Junkfighter part 2

Post by Shadow_Alex on Thu 01 Jul 2010, 5:59 pm

So after far too long work got underway to remove those damn head bolts.

So for those of you who have not read this on going battle manuscript(!), Six of Eight Head bolts sheared when removing the cylinder head which had to be removed to drill out the already sheared exhaust studs!

We first started to try to straight up drill them out to re-tap and replace. A simple plan that went 'tits up' when the smallest drill we could get our hands on was still too big to be able to drill parallel to the bores. even with the starter coils removed this was not going to happen.

The next step was then to drop the engine out... low and behold, stubborn to the very end, the engine mounting bolts have seized.

Now at this point so far, absolutely everything that has had to been unscrewed, has been seized apart from the crank plug which cannot be undone since the previous owner scraped it on the floor. this means that to get it to top dead center you have to quickly tap the starter over and over again in the hopes you can get a fluke shot and stop number one cylinder at TDC; which we did after about 45 mins!

After alot of swearing and some thrown spanners we came to the conclusion that a new engine was on the cards. It wasn't a tough decision to make as we found a new engine on fleabay for £180 delivered and it has only 20,000 miles on the clock compaired to the junkers 65,000! We had the engine delivered to my brothers work so he could thorougly inspect it and remove a faulty part before fitting it to my bike.
The difficulty we face now is how do we get an engine 25 miles from 'East Grinstead' to 'Paddock Wood' when the only person who has a car could not bear to risk it spoiled at the hands of engine oil!

And now we wait for another unknown timescale until we figure out how to transport the new engine without having to pay £40-50 for a courier! and before you all say it, i suggested the wood and plastic sheeting but i underestimated how much he loves his car!

Now i am not going to let the Junkers old engine go to waste. I am going to cut that bastard out and turn it into a go-kart! i was thinking of testing my welding skills to try and make a micro sized ariel atom!

Next step: Transport and fit new engine and Beowulf exhaust (the start of all my problems!)

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