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Post by shaunclark_sc on Wed 03 Jul 2019, 11:27 am

Hi Guys, 

So, I've attempted fitting new clutch friction plates and springs and I've had a few issues along the way.....

Firstly, when I rebuilt it the first time I must have overtightened the spring bolts as I actually snapped the clutch pressure plate mounting at one point (pic linked below). I had tightened the bolts all the way to the pressure plate, the springs never push back to any extent so could it be that the springs are not strong/highly rated enough? 

Clutch Issues Cb500_10

So, I replaced the pressure plate, built things back together again and I've clearly buggered up something because it's fully built back together, oiled up and when it's in gear, with the clutch lever all the way in, the bike pulls forwards and I cant get it back into neutral until I stall it...

The second time building together I literally just finger tightened (+ a turn) the bolts against the plate/springs in to the pressure plate, could this be the reason for my current issue? 

As I'm clutching at straws here (excuse the pun)... Could it be the new friction plates at fault? Could it be how I've put things together? 

Clutch Issues Cb500_10

Finally, forgive me if this is a stupid question but it might answer the overall query.... can I ask if in the above image, when the springs are in place, should part numbers 2 and 14 be touching together once built up? If they are, are the bolts/springs overtightened? or potentially are the springs too weak of I'm able to tighten them all the way down using my torque wrench set to 10nM? 

Thanks in advance people.....

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