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Fitting Dust Seal to Brembo Front Master Cylinder

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Fitting Dust Seal to Brembo Front Master Cylinder Empty Fitting Dust Seal to Brembo Front Master Cylinder

Post by rossani on Sat 26 Jan 2019, 2:41 pm

Just refurbished my front master cylinder. Apart from a slight weep at the pushrod, I found the internals in surprisingly good condition.

The old rubber boot dust seal around the pushrod took more of a pull than I was expecting in order to remove it - I actually thought something must be holding it in place! When it came to fitting the new one it didn't want to sit down in it's recess very easily and every time I pushed down on one side the other side popped out again. The Brembo instructions said to use a 13mm 'bush' to push it into place... and of course I didn't happen to have one sitting around. Using a socket was no use as there's insufficient space on the inside of the socket for the boot to fit.

The answer turned out to be a 'Berol Dry Wipe Marker' pen. The plastic case of the marker is the perfect size for the job. Pull out the 'writing end' with pliers, remove the ink wick and 20mm of the casing (which is slightly flaired to accept the 'writing end'). The resulting marker case fits perfectly around the seal and allowed me to fit it in about 2 seconds. Job done  cheers

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