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Oxford P50 Panniers

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Oxford P50 Panniers Empty Oxford P50 Panniers

Post by GollyGosh on Sat 25 Aug 2018, 9:24 pm

I bought a set of Oxford P50 panniers for my trip to France. 

Each pannier has a carry handle plus a detachable shoulder strap. A pair of 'huge' inserts to stiffen and hold shape (the 'V' shape lower left). Also a pair of what seemed huge dry bags

Oxford P50 Panniers 111

To my surprise the dry bags were a good fit

Oxford P50 Panniers 211

Also a bungee type cords on top for extra storage.  For me it'll be a rain suit for easy access.

Oxford P50 Panniers 311

It sits well on the bike and I think the proportions are right

Oxford P50 Panniers 410

In addition to the velcro straps (two over the seat and one under) there are three webbing straps on each pannier with double D buckles.  The webbing passes through a D ring so can be romoved if you prefer to use bungee cords.  One at the lower front which reaches the foot peg hangar. One to the rear top which I fastened to the grab rail and one below that which I fastened to the under seat cargo/bungee rail. A neat feature is a thin strip of velcro on the end of the webbing which wraps round and fastens to tidy up the loose ends. There are also spare black plastic D rings front and back for Bungee cords.

Oxford P50 Panniers 510

While the position of the panniers suited me sat in both rider and pillion positions, the panniers would probably want moving back for someone with shorter legs.  I decided on the more forward position keeping the velcro straps on the seat.

Oxford P50 Panniers 610

Though not obvious in the pic there is clearance with the indicators to allow the pannier to go further back ...

Oxford P50 Panniers 710

... as can be seen here

Oxford P50 Panniers 810

The hardest part of the whole job was getting the inserts in below the red lining and zipping it up.  You won't think so at first but they are not too big and do fit in with a bit of work.

Oxford P50 Panniers 910

My first impressions are positive and I am sure they'll do the job nicely.  The proof really is packing the panniers and taking them to Vendee in France, I'll let you know how I get on with them and how they cope...
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Oxford P50 Panniers Empty Re: Oxford P50 Panniers

Post by Beresford on Sun 26 Aug 2018, 10:01 am

Thanks for this. I'd always wondered whether there were panniers available which did not need a support frame bolted to the bike.

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