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Found cheap Shorty levers to fit Brembo brakes


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Found cheap Shorty levers to fit Brembo brakes

Post by patod on Mon 02 Apr 2018, 9:33 pm

Ok, so, after a bit of poking arount t'internet, and sending e-mails to 3 vendors
in China, I finally found some cheap shorty levers to fit my 1997(and, presumably,
all later years)Brembo equipped 500.

These people, FXCNC, on Ali Express, have them:


Only €16.87 (GBP 14.75 approx.), including free shipping,
Ordered mine on March 9th, delivered to Ireland on March 29th.

And if you only want an adjustable and non-bling brake lever, I did find these on E-Bay:


With shipping from Poland, that would
have cost me slightly less than the blingy shorty pair from China,
and I would have bought this, plus a matching but non adjustable
€3.95 clutch lever from the same source if the Chinese ones didn't
work out.

I had previously bought a pair of Black shorties (with red adjusters) from a different Chinese supplier.
The brake lever of this first set did not fit my bike, as the part of the lever with the hole
through which the brake lever bolt fits was way too fat to fit into the master cylinder.
Presumably this "should" fit the earlier Nissin braked PC26 CB 500's.
The seller refunded me, after a bit of back and forth, so if anyone wants this set , they're yours
for the cost of postage from Ireland
Old Wobbly

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Re: Found cheap Shorty levers to fit Brembo brakes

Post by Old Wobbly on Fri 13 Apr 2018, 2:37 pm

Excellent, well done for finding this stuff. I found something similar from a French supplier but the prices were steep. Will now get myself a pair of the Chinese ones....
Many thanks

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Re: Found cheap Shorty levers to fit Brembo brakes

Post by Jameshambleton on Fri 13 Apr 2018, 8:35 pm

Funny enough I ordered some of these (after seeing your post) yesterday

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Re: Found cheap Shorty levers to fit Brembo brakes

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