Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.

Sharp turns - how sharp is too sharp?

Running out of unique names
Running out of unique names

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Sharp turns - how sharp is too sharp? Empty Sharp turns - how sharp is too sharp?

Post by fgclark123 on Fri 23 Feb 2018, 2:14 am

So in brief I managed to introduce my left handlebar to a grass verge at about 15mph whilst leaning round to check my indicators were working.

No traffic, thought I'd be fine, but then surprised myself how far I veered off. Not a proud moment.

Question is, I decided to "embrace the verge" because I felt that to jink away would inevitably cause traction loss on the front wheel, leading to a full put down on hard road, rather than a mere tussle with foliage.

To be honest I have almost never pushed my bike in terms of fast jinking maneuvres - I just predict disaster, front wheel skidding. So I've been wondering, how much can you get away with? Motorcycle turning abilities are pretty limited, in my opinion, but then I've never pushed it.

The damage was a slightly bent handle bar, and generalised personal shame.
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Sharp turns - how sharp is too sharp? Empty Re: Sharp turns - how sharp is too sharp?

Post by ANDYC on Fri 23 Feb 2018, 7:37 am

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I normally check my indicators whilst at a standstill. Your experience with the verge just reminded me why.
There'sa lot of factors which determine successfully making sharp turns, road conditions, weather, speed, tyres etc.  But the overwhelming factor is luck. I have failed to successfully complete manoeuvres that I should have done Ok, and have successfully completed manoeuvres that I should not have.
The main thing is you're not injured and changing handlebars isn't a big problem. Drilling the locating holes for the switchgear is the biggest headache I find. Very Happy

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