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2 yes's and a help?


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2 yes's and a help?  Empty 2 yes's and a help?

Post by gillers50 on Tue 23 Jan 2018, 6:23 pm

Hi everyone,

Great delight today - finally got that bloody front engine bolt out. It only took 3 months, 2 cans of plus gas and several drill bits and a few well placed bashes with a hammer but it is out and I can get on with the rebuild.

On a different note, I took my granddaughter to do her CBT today and yes she passed, absolutely delighted for her.

Now for the expensive bit!!

She needs a learner bike. She has decided on a cbf or cg125 Honda, as good as possible but I have to pay initially until she earns the cash to pay me back - could be a long wait.  

Do any of you good members know where one may be lurking? in a shed, barn or reputable dealer. Will pay a fair price for the right bike. Her intention is to suffer the pain of it for the compulsory 2 years, gain the essential confidence and knowledge and hopefully pass her test in that time. Then pass it on to another learner and upgrade to the next level. I live in North Yorks but am willing to travel for a good un.

On the same subject of relieving me of my cash,  she has instructed me to get the cd5 built up asap and then buy an intercom set so that we can go on rides and talk to each other to give her encouragement and boost her confidence etc. in this initial learning period for her.

Anyone got any recommendations for a decent intercom set that will do the job and not cost the earth? 

Many thanks.


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2 yes's and a help?  Empty Re: 2 yes's and a help?

Post by Jameshambleton on Tue 23 Jan 2018, 7:14 pm

I'll keep an eye out for a cbf125, I sold mine 2 years ago, great little bike I even high sided mine coming out of a junction. CBF's go for about 700-1300 and they're worth it over the cg.

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