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Rear wheel spacers - placement


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Rear wheel spacers - placement

Post by stormbringer on Sun 21 Jan 2018, 10:37 am

So I had my rear wheel off for a final drive maintenance job.

Somewhere along the way, I lost track of which axle spacer goes where - they're not equally wide, meaning if I put 'em in the wrong way round, I'll have alignment off and probably all sorts of other nastiness going on.

Haynes has nothing useful to say on the matter.


What is the proper placement of these spacers?

It's a 500Y, and looking at this diagram, I refer to parts 4 and 5:
CMSNL parts list

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Rear wheel spacers - placement

Post by sullivj on Sun 21 Jan 2018, 11:44 am

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