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Touring (camping) essentials

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Touring (camping) essentials  Empty Touring (camping) essentials

Post by Jameshambleton on Mon 18 Sep 2017, 9:41 pm

Thought I might put together a list of things that are a good start for a touring trip away 

Bulbs, headlight, tail light 
Spare pull throttle cable
Spare speedo cable
spare clutch cable 
Ear phones (sat nav/radio if you use your phone)
Gas/butane canister with hob and lighter
Knife and fork 
Charging cables for mobile devices 
24mm socket
Water bottle 
Various spanners 10,12,13,14 should cover it
Hex/alan keys (think side panel removal)
V5c (Required in europe)
J.I.S screwdriver
Brake lever 
USB charging port on the bike (I can't stress this enough!!!) 
Power bank 
Downloaded offline maps on your smartphone - think petrol stations if you don't have signal especially in the middle of the alps

If you are in Europe and need parts these are life savers
the 900
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Touring (camping) essentials  Empty Re: Touring (camping) essentials

Post by eternally_troubled on Tue 19 Sep 2017, 8:54 pm

Good list.

I would also add:

tubeless puncture repair kit (plugs or sticky string type)
tyre pressure gauge
small pump or CO2 bulbs for tyre inflation

and, especially if you are going abroad:

cash of a suitable type and quantity - save on bank charges and lack of ATMs and/or card payment facilities.

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