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Not so new Fork seal replacement


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Solved Not so new Fork seal replacement

Post by Busby on Sat 02 Sep 2017, 2:31 pm

Ha! read the very descriptive way to remove and renew fork seals, excellent article. I wonder how many actually go like that? 
Or am the minority? Spent 5 hours this morning attempting to get 2 seals out, no way clack, clack and out they pop! Tried the water technique, excellent one actually came out  santa Christmas came early, only after I backed the van close to a wall stuck my jack against the bumper the shock against the wall and wound it in, Pop went the seal. Halfway there I thought! I knew I shouldn't think much, the other just refused to budge then finally gave in but twisted in the sleeve , pushed it back in, tried again, the other side twisted, third time lucky? No way I'm here to stay, it had it written all over it!
So back to the first shock seal out, can I separate the leg? well superman maybe, me no way is it going to come apart! So without admitting defeat I'm down at the local bar, scheming a way without going to my excellent mechanic of getting this elfin thing to separate. Not sure to use heat afraid of melting the leg as hamfisted as I have been this morning. So guys do I admit defeat and stay in the bar, taking both legs to my mechanic on Monday or put a blow torch on the things tomorrow? Advice welcome. Busby
Follow up, Gave up trying to replace the bushes, so just replaced the seals in the end, the second seal eventually gave in with a bit of persuasion and a fine pick. Completed 250km since the change and all seems good so far.

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