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Street fighter notes


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Street fighter notes Empty Street fighter notes

Post by Jameshambleton on Wed 12 Apr 2017, 10:05 pm

Dumping my notes here as I can't think of anywhere to save them. Any suggestions will be welcomed though. 

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Upside down front end
stem length to lower bearing shield 245mm

Triumph Speed Triple Front wheel  pirat
Tiger 1050 nissin calipers 

Front end dimensions 
Triumph Tiger 1050 caliper offset from the mounting bolt to central disc location 21mm 
Speed triple 1050 se Disc diameter 320mm 
Speed triple 1050 se wheel spacers 29.5mm 
Speed triple 1050 se disc - disc outer distance 134mm
Speed triple 1050 se hub (bearing to bearing) 107mm 
Speed triple 1050 se wheel with spacers 165mm 
5mm disc thickness 
disc to current caliper mounting holes 26mm 
9.5mm spacers for caliper from caliper mounting 
-4mm from wheel spacers for correct disc to caliper alignment 

summary / need  

29.5mm wheel spacers 
10mm caliper mounting bolt spacers 
10mm longer 675r caliper mounting bolts 
25mm diameter axle bolt maybe ZX-14, 06-09 zx10, 07-08 zx6

GSXR k4/5 forks
CBR1000RR 2009- 2016 calipers = CBR600RR 2009-2017
VFR750 RC24 standard steering stem 
CBR600RR 2007 - 2012 yokes (top bored to 50mm) 

1994 gsxr 1100

Rear end 
vfr800 gen 5 swingarm, hub, wheel, disc 1998-2001 
Speed triple rear axle, disc sprocket carrier 
Triumph Speed Triple rear wheel  pirat
order bearings to fit the swingarm to the 86 frame bolts
The OE 01 bearing needs to cut down in length to 45mm and the ID was cut to match the OD of the 86 left pin

Yamaha V Star 650 rear shock with custom dogs 

The sprocket (front) needs to have a 5/8" / 15.875mm offset - may have clutch slave clearance issue 

The wheel is off to the right 1.5-2.0 mm so the wheel or possibly the hub will have to be milled to correct
17 or 17.5mm wheel offset is needed - if wheel is not milled can the hub be milled?
Honda civic has the same lug pattern/offset 

Other wheel sizes 
3rd gen wheel 5.5
4th gen wheel 5.0
5th gen wheel 5.5
6th gen wheel 5.5

Modification ideas 
Relocate ignition switch 
7" naked headlight - cb1300 
relocate the oil cooler behind the exhaust headers and cover with a custom grill to prevent stone damage 
twin under-seat exhaust (may stick with single) - possible cbr600rr5 
rear sets 
bar end mirrors 
custom seat cover 
single sided paddock stand. 
spare set of clocks for loom, custom dash and fusebox relocation 
Spare subframe for making brackets for the underseat exhaust fitting and rear mudguard 

Parts bought 

BikeYearPart name 
Triumph Tiger 10502008 Nissin Brake Calipers and master cylinder 108mm between mounting bolts 
Triumph Speed triple SE 10502010Front (with discs) and rear wheels
Triumph Street triple 675R2009Bottom yoke
Triumph Speed triple 1050n/aExhaust link pipe 
Honda VFR800 fi gen 5n/aSwingarm, hub, caliper mounting
Triumph Sprint ST 9551999Rear Disc, Sprocket, Hub Drive 
Knights notes 
Measure your headstock and then find out the measurement for the bike you want to donate from. 
If they are the same (obviously as well as bearings) then that part would be a straight swap.

Other useful threads for reference

Brake master cylinders

trail calculator for front forks

Upside down forks

Oil cooler relocation idea & hoses

Colour code pb161 

Davids Isopon P38 600ml

random thing about batteries!-quot

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Street fighter notes Empty Re: Street fighter notes

Post by Jameshambleton on Tue 31 Oct 2017, 10:15 am

Bump, I've been decently active with acquiring parts for this build and excessive research done. 

Mocked this up today and it made me smile.

Street fighter notes Y4m7KFwaG2rJbTwfrJsuVUwIzj0P5kLcHfzFJHgUnS94gRIABVHApVg-bwDlvhyPmCabcmw5AkAFQXHt6gwDn0KNQ8YUhEnutZfMUhsBMuyWtvcMO9ulgCcfIlCC-TLmjyHVQwlhD7Suix78A28xAZd8No67IatWslJuJjDReMdUgAHK-9b7fP0-oD2NrxMkbhfPhUyYMi32pRDpUdmisLwHQ?width=4128&height=2322&cropmode=none

 Since I've entered the winter 2018 build off on I'll mirror posts here if anyone interested?
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Crash- Elmit
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Post by Crash- Elmit on Tue 31 Oct 2017, 5:56 pm

I like the novel use of a pair of wellies Laughing Very Happy.

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Street fighter notes Empty Re: Street fighter notes

Post by eternally_troubled on Tue 31 Oct 2017, 10:55 pm

Well, I for one, would be interested in this, so feel free to mirror the posts here. If you can't be bothered or don't have time then just post links to customfighters....

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Street fighter notes Empty Re: Street fighter notes

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