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Various Items

Post by dodger on Sun 06 Nov 2016, 9:50 am

Below is a few reviews of my bits of  Kit used whilst touring ,day trips and  ride outs, all the kit below has been used regularly for at least 5 years some of it is no longer in production.

Alpinestars El NiNO - this is a one piece over suit I have had about 3 years now and has never let in a drop of water, used in some really torrential downpours ,although quite expensive for a one piece ,not the easiest to throw on quickly at the road side as the netting mesh inside the legs can catch on your boots but once on I know I will not be getting wet , also very effective as a wind barrier on cold days , overall thoroughly recommended .

Tucano Urbano Handlebar Muffs - very effective fur lined and fully waterproof, mine  are a few years old now and definitely not for the fashion conscious but very effective for long distance cold weather riding again Highly recommended.

Spada Podium Textile trousers - had these about 10 years no longer made but been absolutely brilliant never let any rain in .

Gloves -Bikers Gortex - These were  bought around 5 years ago , I like these because they are waterproof and give good feel whilst riding ,I do not like bulky gloves which lack feeling ,the trade off being they are not the warmest .

Boots -Oxtar Gortex - again these are perfectly waterproof had them about 10 years do not think they are made anymore ,very comftable off the bike also ,downside -not the warmest.

Helmet -Nolan Flip up -about 5 years old -comftable -pinlock visor -great for ferry terminals and petrol stations ,I prefer the flip up system to d=save taking off the helmet. Down side  a little noisy .

  - have not included my Hein Geiricke Jacket as this was bought only about 1 year ago but so far so good.

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