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headrace trauma looming - notchiness detected

trevor machine
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headrace trauma looming - notchiness detected

Post by trevor machine on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 4:19 pm

When braking quite heavily I've recently begun to detect a slight clunk at the front of the bike - which I suspected was a headrace bearing issue, and indicative of play working from front to back, as it were.

I've also started to feel the bike track slightly on road seam imperfections - but only at speeds below, say, 30. I initially put this down to running a pair of Avon Ditch Finders (my least liked tyres ever), but this morning changed my mind and started to think it was a symptom of headrace bearing wear.

So today I asked my mate the MOT guy to feel the left/right steering as I put the bike on the main stand and leaned on the back of the bike. Sure enough he detected a notchiness - at 10 and two o'clock (where of course the vast majority of steering and thus wear takes place). He said it would not fail on it though and might not even get an advisory from most people inc. him - nevertheless the notches were there and I could clearly feel them once he'd pointed it out.

I plan to replace the bearings with like for like ball bearings rather than tapered ones. However I wondered if anyone's got any tips on how best to go about this. I won't be DIYing, so it'll be a proper mechanic doing the work. But it seems even he may struggle if this is anything to go by:

Having said that, he may well have the relevant pullers and other tools which should make the whole job a bit easier.

Another question though is precisely what replacement parts I need to purchase. Here's a link to the relevant diagram and parts number listings:

I'm thinking I need 9 and 10 and possibly three as well. Is that right, does anyone know?

Cheers all

PS - the bike has done 31k miles - has had a very, very easy life (no winter commuting and hardly even any rain either), but it is the cb500 I crashed so who knows, perhaps that caused some stress and strain on the headrace (?). I think this life - nearly twenty years and 31k miles isn't too bad. Probably average, do you reckon?

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Re: headrace trauma looming - notchiness detected

Post by Jameshambleton on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 4:43 pm

I've just put these on my cbf125, came with the dust seals and a small amount of grease 5ml, I packed mine out using lm2, I've also used their fork seals too.
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Re: headrace trauma looming - notchiness detected

Post by Grarea on Thu 01 Sep 2016, 5:08 pm

I went with getting someone else to do it.
He had quite a lot of fun doing it. (I am glad I didn't attempt it myself)
The time it saved me I can spend earning the money to pay the guy.
I got those same parts from Pyramid parts after James suggested them.
Life was made easier because they come with the seals and because the old ones weren't being kept.
Allowing more whacking.
I would go with the tapered ones again as they will last longer.

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Re: headrace trauma looming - notchiness detected

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