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Bits and Bobs

Post by supersim65 on Tue 05 Jul 2016, 1:04 pm

I've got a few excess parts I've collected. Some of the prices are just P&P costs. Pictures are in amongst some bicycle things I'm selling here.

- Smoked Windscreen  Worn, but solid, no cracks. £10 posted
- Complete Front Forks  Stanchions are pitted beyond use, but would make good donor forks for re-build. £40 posted
- Crank Sensor and Loom  Working Condition. £16 posted
- CB500 Front Master Cylinder & Lever  Screw threads ruined. Internals need an overhaul. Just spares really. Postage is a fiver I guess? £4 posted
- CBR600 Front Master Cylinder  Rumoured to work on a CB500. I never got a chance to try. Working condition, will need an overhaul and a lever though. £16 posted
- Left-Side Footpeg Plate  Pillion Peg no good. Actually promised to someone on here already, but let me know if you want 2nd dibs.

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