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Track day CB500

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Track day CB500 Empty Track day CB500

Post by mattg on Sat 14 May 2016, 3:05 pm

Following on from this...

With a bit of experience under my belt, I moved to an R6 as a road bike.

Decided I wanted to get into trackdays so what better way to start than with a CB....

Track day CB500 A8518D85-CB1A-4912-A3DF-DF69DE8443E8_zpsi6p5uhxi

Long story short, it now looks like this (quite a bit of mechanical fettling required too but I bought some parts from here so it still stands me at about a grand).....

Track day CB500 69FAA487-63B1-453A-9ED1-04450F284198_zpspxq33nmn

Track day CB500 Downloadz_280216_4986_rockingham_zpsxd0m1wrs

3 trackdays in and loving it :-)

Waterpump failed at the end of the last session at Snetterton so i've popped a wanted ad up in the relevant section. will update this as and when.

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