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renthal grips and avdb-moto short adjustable levers

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renthal grips and avdb-moto short adjustable levers

Post by hh_12345 on Sat 26 Mar 2016, 7:34 pm

I have small hands and I am also accustomed to more delicate bicycle controls so I decided to fit shorter levers and thin grips on the CB

Levers are the brembo front brake model from the avdb-moto e - bay store and the grips are renthal medium compound road race 120mm.

Fitting was quick and easy, I used renthal glue for the grips.

The reach on the clutch side with the closest setting (1) is the same as with the stock lever, but I think the lever can be modified to bring it closer to the handlebars. The brake lever is closer than the original and makes riding with a finger on the lever easier.

In order  to use two fingers only you have to move the levers inward but unfortunately the CB handlebars are too narrow for that and they still trap my other fingers, so I guess I'll have to install wider bars.

Here are some pictures:

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