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Car insurance thieves!


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Car insurance thieves!

Post by sullivj on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 7:51 pm

Got my multi-car insurance renewal through today...

BMW 330 coupe and BMW 325 Estate. Both fully comp with £100 x/s, protected NCD. No accidents, claims or fines. I'm 39. They invited renewal at £656....

Ran a quote through on CompareTheMarket on the EXACT same details. My existing insurer came up the cheapest, so I called them up and they matched the price... ..


The moral of the story, ALWAYS shop around.
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Re: Car insurance thieves!

Post by wornsprokets on Wed 02 Mar 2016, 8:00 pm

U did well my insurance was up end of feb, 40 next month married and never had an accident (car anyway Shocked) ive an old car not worth much about 500 euro(insurance was alway expensive in ireland 500 euro tpft  last year. They wanted 936euro this year! Apparently non stop whiplash claims in ireland last year and fraud claims.  Cheapest i got was 680 tpft. You lads in uk have it good when it comes to insuance. Irelands a joke.

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