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Fitting CREE accessory lights


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Fitting CREE accessory lights

Post by johnlodge47 on Wed 11 Mar 2015, 8:19 pm

Hi all,
This may be of interest to anyone thinking of upgrading their lighting.
I've just fitted a pair of Bikevis CREE lights to my bike. At the same time I wired in a Satnav and USB adaptor (to keep the mobile phone charged up whilst on tour).

Because there were going to be so many wires around I invested in a Fuseblock (from Nippy Normans - not cheap, but it makes a great job of tidying away wires and letting one choose whether the accessory will run off the battery directly or from the ignition. In fact all of my devices run from the ignition - but only once I've turned on my lights (so I can have full battery power for starting). All cables are routed to the fuseblock and kept tidy by means of plastic ties.
(For info about installing a fuseblock:

I located the fuseblock in the luggage space under the seat and attached it by means of sticky back Velcro (this works a treat). Overall this makes for a neat & accessible installation - and of course, I can still use much of the under-seat storage space.

My light mounts are something of a lash-up, made from angle brackets bolted to the front mudguard. The lights are a bit too heavy for the bolts so I squeezed some Loctite into the threads and used plastic ties to lash the brackets to the forks. The setup is still being tested but it looks promising.

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