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RST Moto Pilot Gloves


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RST Moto Pilot Gloves

Post by Shadow_Alex on Sat 29 May 2010, 7:15 pm

Having used these gloves from the start of this good weather, so far i have nothing but praise for them,
They feature Kangaroo leather palms, keprotec lining, Carbon Fibre knuckle protection, Kevlar thread stitching and two cool little vents in the index and middle finger which help no end when your hands get hot!

These are fully race spec gloves and are incredibly light and formed perfectly.

When wearing them you can not only feel the controls of the bike bt the texture of the plastic!

They only took a couple of wears to break them in but now they are, they are the best set of gloves i have ever owned. all this for £60 odd quid from george white!


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