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National Clutch Cable Awareness Week

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Re: National Clutch Cable Awareness Week

Post by Beresford on Tue 20 Mar 2018, 9:49 pm

I posted on this a few years ago when something similar happened on my 'S'. The headlight was going all over the place, and when I investigated, I found that the reflector inside the sealed unit had broken loose. It was repairable, but took time and care.

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Re: National Clutch Cable Awareness Week

Post by stormbringer on Fri 23 Mar 2018, 8:05 am

The CB (I can only speak for the regular model with the new reflector type here) has a brilliant headlight. Within the limitations imposed on the reflector system by the H4-bulb's dual-filament-design, the light output is respectable for its age. Take a couple of steps back, look at the mechanics and observe that it's quite big and geometrically 'by the book' compared to most other headlights.
If the reflector bowl is intact and clean, the glass has not been sandblasted and the bulb is new, you've got quite a searchlight right there.

Yes, I've got a streak of OCD with regards to vehicle lighting. It has to be effective. Not necessarily more is better (anyone can install a 10.000 lumen elCheapo HID bulb). Because the MegaLight will produce output nowhere near 'good' as it lacks geometrical correctness. It will blind oncoming traffic ALSO when you apply the dipped beam. HID is only for modern-day optics, able to produce that sharp line between the dipped beam and what's beyond. Our 1992-molded-glass-optics are simply not up to that job.

What you CAN do is maintain and care for the projector - and put the biggest and most powerful H4-bulb in it, that you can find. Mind you, 100W bulbs may not be such a great idea. The generator is not designed for the job, and if the voltage drops from the overload, you're right back where you came from - only now with an overloaded generator Sad

Try look for 'high output' bulbs. These bulbs have shortened lifespan, but more light. And they do not overload the generator.
I'm a fan of the Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited. Philips also produce some, presumably named Vision+ or whatever.


Why? Because the light output drops over the lifespan of the bulb. New bulb - more light.

Which brings us to "National Headlight Awareness Week".

When did you last check the health of your headlight? Look for rust on the reflector? Clean and inspect the glass surface? Replace the bulb? Check the wiring?
And if you find rust or sandblasting, are you willing to replace the unit?

In other words; do you care?
Barry Sheene
Barry Sheene

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Re: National Clutch Cable Awareness Week

Post by motofan on Fri 23 Mar 2018, 10:47 pm

Right on there Stormbringer, see and be seen!
The way I look at it is I ride on average faster than most cars and they have two headlights! It is there fore behoven to me to have the best I can muster!!

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Re: National Clutch Cable Awareness Week

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