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Faired CB500s Wanted - Also Hello lol


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Faired CB500s Wanted - Also Hello lol

Post by Libitina on Sun 18 May 2014, 6:01 pm

Hi everyone,  I've just joined the forum today in hopes of finding the bike I've put in the title. My partner has not risen on some time and is in hope os jointing me and nephew out and about. Something I would very much like to happen.

So why here,  Why I purchased my shadow and joined the owners club, I never realised that people had bikes for sale ,s o this is in hoe that a decent quality CB500s Faired bike can be found.

I've also recently returned back to biking last year with this little beauty, also a honda Smile

Look forward to replies. Smile

Currently browsing the forsales but slow going as some not marked as sold...

the 900
the 900

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Re: Faired CB500s Wanted - Also Hello lol

Post by ashcroc on Sun 18 May 2014, 11:26 pm

Hi libitina,  

Don't know of any for sale here but there are several listed on ebay & bike trader at the moment.
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Re: Faired CB500s Wanted - Also Hello lol

Post by alanesq on Fri 23 May 2014, 7:59 pm

If you are still looking for one, I am just considering if I should sell mine or not as the insurance is due but I am just not using it (done less than 200 miles since last MOT !)

It has obviously been dropped at some point as there are a few scratches/cracks on the fairing but mechanically it is in very good condition. 
I bought it last year; replaced fork seals, front brake seals, steering bearing, oil filter, oil, coolant to get it into good condition as my plan was to keep it long term to have it for occasional use (as I use a push bike most of the time) but I find I am not using it at all so questioning if it is worth keeping.

I am not sure what they are selling for these days but I would not accept less than £900 for it (as I spent a lot more than that on it myself).

It has done 27,000 miles
MOT expires Aug 14th (but as it has hardly moved since last MOT I don't expect any problem getting another)
Tax end Aug

some info here

I am near Nottingham

btw - There is a thread somewhere on this forum from when I bought it with details of what I did to it etc.

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Re: Faired CB500s Wanted - Also Hello lol

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