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Motrax Munkee Tail chain brush

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Motrax Munkee Tail chain brush

Post by sputnik on Thu 04 Nov 2010, 7:45 pm

Bought one of these the other day. £10 (incl p&p on Fleabay) gets you a brush attached to a sort of spiral loop. You spray the chain with whatever cleaner you use (I used aerosol Wurth stuff but I don't see why good old paraffin wouldn't work). Open up/uncoil the brush a bit to wind it round the chain, close it back up to tighten it on the chain and then just spin the back wheel to get the chain to pass through it a few times.

Remove the brush then just give the chain a bit of a wipe and by-jingo, a really, I mean REALLY, clean chain Very Happy . I gave the chain a hosing down then a quick rev in 1st gear up on the stand to fling off any remaining cleaner and water. Re-lubed with a bit of oil (or in my case I just banged the scottoiler up to max for a a short while, plus a bit extra for good measure). Very easy, very quick, less messy than usual and a really good result. Even the driveway escaped without the usual pools of oily paraffin everywhere!

£10 may seem a bit over the odds for a small brush but I reckon it is well worth it as it's a tedious but necessary job and this makes me much less likely to put it off (as I usually do) because it is so quick and easy. Now let's see if I can get through winter without developing the usual crud encrusted, clunky, tight spot chain...

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