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ARTICLE: Use of Right Indicator


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ARTICLE: Use of Right Indicator Empty ARTICLE: Use of Right Indicator

Post by spitonyourgrave22 on Sat 30 Oct 2010, 4:30 pm

Submitted by Fr33flow

One of the things taught in advanced riding courses is the correct use of indicators. Signals should be used when they will give assistance to other road users, and should not be misleading or ambiguous. Riders beginning their advanced training will often overuse the right indicator, signalling when they don’t need to or could cause themselves problems by indicating.

When passing certain slow moving road users such as horses, cyclists or walkers you may not need to use the indicators at all. Also, when passing a parked vehicle, do you really need to indicate you are going to overtake? Signals should be of benefit to other road users, clear and unambiguous. When passing a parked vehicle where else are you going to go?

When passing a cyclist [left] or a parked vehicle [right] it is not necessarily required to use the indicators.

One time when using the right indicator when it is not required that could cause the rider problems is on the approach to a junction. In the diagram below where is the rider going? Are they turning right or overtaking the parked vehicle? The driver of the vehicle waiting to turn right may decide that the rider is turning into the road he is exiting and move forwards. If the rider is going straight on then there is a risk of a collision.

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