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ARTICLE: Use of Left Indicator


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ARTICLE: Use of Left Indicator Empty ARTICLE: Use of Left Indicator

Post by spitonyourgrave22 on Sat 30 Oct 2010, 6:29 am

Submitted by Fr33flow
One of the things taught in advanced riding courses is the correct use of indicators. Signals
should be used when they will give assistance to other road users, and should not be
misleading or ambiguous. Riders beginning their advanced training will often overuse the left
indicator, signalling when they don’t need to or could cause themselves problems by
For example if you have just overtaken a vehicle on a single carriageway road would you
really need to indicate left to show you were pulling back in? Every time an indicator is used it
can be left on which can cause the rider problems in areas where there are a lot of junctions.
Even on multiple lane roads such as dual carriageways and motorways the left indicator isn’t
always needed. Dual carriageways can be particularly hazardous as there are usually a lot of
exits and laybys that don’t occur on motorways. In the example below left the rider of the red
bike [OK, rectangle] is indicating to return to lane one on the approach to a junction. The car
emerging may think that they are turning in and pull out in front of them.
On a three [or more] lane road use of the left indicator should be considered once you are
outside lanes one and two to assist other drivers, who may actually be looking out the window
and awake, as to your plans. In the example below right the rider would need to signal that
they are returning to lane 2 as there is the possibility of conflict if the blue vehicle in lane one
pulls out, possibly without indicating.

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