Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.

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Post by spitonyourgrave22 on Sat 30 Oct 2010, 5:41 am

Heated Grips
Everyone knows that Britain is biblically cold and wet. I think we must have invented rain. Which is why we have lush countryside to scream through in summer. But when its cold you really appreciate buying these. They replace your standard grips, and plug straight into your battery to keep your mitts warm on misty mornings. New one comes with a feature that turns the grips off when your bike is off- no more flat battery!

Replacement Screen
If your bike has a fairing then you may want to fit a double bubble screen. These use the patented 'bubble in a bubble' design to create an area of still air around the driver's head, reducing drag, which in turn reduces buffering. Which in turn reduces stress and fatigue, and accidents....... Oh, and it will decrease your fuel consumption a little bit Smile

Engine Bars
These are a good idea to protect your CB's engine should you ever be clumsy enough to drop it. They stop your engine casing from splitting and spilling oil in your mishap. They bolt directly to the frame, so you have to remove the engine bolts to fit them, which is normally a much bigger job then it should be due to rusty bolts.
Some consider the bars to be a false economy, as in the event of an accident they can apply tons of leverage, bending your frame.

Sports Rack
More from Renntec again, but this time they produce an entirely useful product. This sits behind your grab handle, and means you can carry stuff! They are not universal, but custom made for the bike they are fitted too, meaning a much more sturdy product.

Light Upgrades
(eBay Search)
The CB has a pretty weak standard light, so obviously you want to do something about it. You can't stick higher wattage bulbs in there- they are illegal and will blow a fuse if you're lucky, melt your wires if you are unlucky.
You can fit Xenon bulbs to your bike, which prduce more light but use standard wattage.

The CB has a polycarbonate headlamp lens which doesn't take kindly to uprated bulbs -- several members have had problems with singed and melted lenses, so 90/100W lamps are not recommended. Bulbs such as Phillip's 'Vision Plus' are supposed to give more light for the same wattage, but surprisingly even these have apparently caused problems: "I used a 30% brighter lamp and it burnt a dark orange disk on the lens of my 1998 CB500S (in wonderful yellow)." [Homer]

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