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Post by spitonyourgrave22 on Sat 30 Oct 2010, 5:29 am

Standard sizes: 110/80-17 57H front, 130/80-17 65H rear
(The rear will also take a 140/80 or 140/70, but don't come running to me if it flies off the rim and breaks your legs!)

BridgeStone BT45
Bridgestone BT45s are now fitted as standard and are generally regarded as the best all-round tyre (all-square tyres being very rare). They last well (up to 6000 on the rear, 10,000 on the front) and provide enough grip to mince your footpegs. Bridgestone used to recommend pressures of 29 psi front, 36 psi rear, but have now changed their advice to 36 psi front, 40 psi rear. This should make them last longer, but run cooler. Take your pick.

BridgeStone BT96s
[/b]This super-grippy rubber is expensive but can be affordable as the CB is fairly gentle on its tyres. Finding the sizes can be tricky, order well in advance.

Dunlop Arrowmax
(Dunlop Tyres)
Used to be standard fitment until a few years back, but hopefully you won't come across too many original examples! Mid-price, good mileage but mediocre performance. Not recommended

Avon Azaro AV45/46
Azaros are full radial tyres with good grip but a relatively short life. Probably the cheapest decent radial you will find. But there may be a size problem...

"Hi, I Have fitted Avon Azaro AV45/46 in 110/80 17 and 140/80 17 to my CB500 - after the tyres it came with - Pirelli mt75 front and mt08 rear - they are a complete revelation - no more following lines and corrugations in the road - Avon said that they were not recommended for this bike but gave tyre pressures of 29psi front and 33psi rear !!" [LABOOH]

Continental Avenues
A new tyre, about which I know nothing.
"Just to let you know I thought my Continental Avenue tyres were fantastic all winter. 50 miles a day, great grip, felt really secure, no problems. Can't tell you anymore, cos I've moved on to Kawasaki ZR-7, cheapest 750 around. It's described as a slug in BIKE mag but... [That's enough about Kawasakis - Ed]" [Ray]

Ex-race scrubs (Bridgestone BT 090s)
(New Era)
Can be bought for about £50 a pair at race meets. The last word in grippiness, and only the very edges have been used!
090s are road-legal, but be aware they will wear out more quickly and have less grip when cold than standard tyres.

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