Most motorcycle problems are caused by the nut that connects the handlebars to the saddle.

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Post by spitonyourgrave22 on Sat 30 Oct 2010, 5:15 am

Fenda Extenda
(Pyramid Plastics)
These look stupid, and you have to drill your nice bodywork, but they must work!
This is a piece of plastic that elongates your front fender, to try and direct crud at the road and not your headers. Worth £20 if it means you dont have to spent £400 on new pipes.

(Pyramid Plastics)
Do You need one for your bike? Some people fit them because they are fashionable, but if you have a twin shock bike then you don't need one! The CBF is a mono shock bike, so buying one makes sense. They are designed to keep crud and stones from being flung at your expensive shock absorber.

(Pyramid Plastics)
Same as the hugger- these are normally fitted because they look cool. But are principally designed to stop dirt being flung at your engine cases and exposed header pipes.

Powerbronze Fairing
Powerbronze make a twin-headlight full fairing called the 'Viper', around £500. Fitting is difficult, quality is average.

TCP Fairing
(TCP Fairing)
make a full fairing and also a lower fairing compatible with the half-faired sports model. Excellent quality, recommended by Honda. Contact: TCP France,
ZAC La Clef de Saint Pierre, 3 Rue du Groupe Manoukian, 78990 Elancourt, FRANCE.

"This is a potential WARNING to anyone looking to buy an aftermarket fairing set... I've just come back from sorting a part-ex deal with a local bike dealer - they're a good sort, and I've no reason to doubt them when they told me my bike should have FAILED IT's MOT! The reason being, the headlamp unit that came with the 'TCP Aerodynamics' full fairing, has the full and dipped beams the WRONG WAY ROUND! IE. they're set for our European friends, not the UK standards." [Moo]

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