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Cheap parts - make me an offer!

Four's a...something...
Four's a...something...

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Cheap parts - make me an offer!

Post by alexibrow on Sun 21 Apr 2013, 9:29 am

The following parts are now available from my 1999 CB500S:

- Swingarm, tatty but undamaged; the bearings appear to be OK.
- Airbox and air filter assembly, in good condition.
- Front sprocket cover, no damage except for the silver finish has flaked off.
- Thermostat housing, thermostat and coolant hoses.
- Undertray (doesn't look damaged).
- Battery box, in good condition.
- Chain, looks fairly new, more or less corrosion free.
- Rear sprocket, looks OK.

Make me an offer, they're taking up space in my garden so I need them gone.

Collection from West Sussex preferred, as I have very limited time to post stuff, thanks.


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