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Four's a...something...
Four's a...something...

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Post by alexibrow on Mon 18 Feb 2013, 9:24 pm

Silver front wheel and tyre.

Tyre is a Bridgestone BT45, and is the Honda-spec size of 110/80-17; it's starting to show the usual signs of uneven wear, and there are some scuff marks on the centre of the tread in places, but there's plenty of tread left and overall it's still usable.

The wheel is pretty scabby, where the paint has flaked off in fairly large and conspicuous chunks. The dust seals are cracked with age, although the bearings should be OK as the bike passed an MOT not long before it was taken off the road. However, it was involved in a crash at the front, so I can't guarantee that the wheel runs straight and true.

The price reflects the condition: £10 plus postage, which I estimate to be around £6.

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