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HONDA CB500 restrictor kit for sale


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HONDA CB500 restrictor kit for sale

Post by georgecb500 on Sat 07 Aug 2010, 10:08 pm

De-restricted my bike last week so have complete HONDA restrictor kit for sale.

Inlet stubs (w/ baffles) & #125 carb main jets.

It ran fine on my bike, though I've noticed the fuelling at low revs seems to have smoothed out since derestriction.

I bought the kit off another member of this forum/group (think it was the MSN one back then!), so thought I'd try selling it on here first to keep it in the community!

I'm open to offers around the £25+ region. If anybody interested could make a quick post on here or email me to let me know that would be great. I can provide pics etc if necessary.

If you're interested get in touch soon as I'll probably put them up on ebay next weekend.

* I also have a spare set of carbs which came with it when I bought it. I could ship this aswell if anybody is wanting to swap a restricted set in as an item. Might require you to set the carbs up properly though. *


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Re: HONDA CB500 restrictor kit for sale

Post by declanN44 on Mon 21 Mar 2011, 8:06 pm

hi mate do u still have the kit for sale ?

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