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R/H side panel?


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R/H side panel?

Post by Nitesight on Fri 06 Apr 2012, 5:49 pm

Hi all,

I have a 99 CB 500 and the previous owner thought it'd be a great idea to glue the side panel. There's I needing to get to the fuses and thinking the rubber plug was a bit stiff, give it a tug and the panel is a goner. I wasn't going for the ratbike/duct tape look so I need a new panel. Just missed one on ebay too.

Any floating around out there? As long as it's in one piece I don't mind if it needs respraying etc. Unfortunately mine broke off around the bolt and I cant find the missing plastic, plus it seems it was glued because the rubber bung was missing anyway, I can't think of a way to save it but I'm really struggling to find a replacement.

Thanks all.

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